The Trillionaire's Kiss

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The Trillionaire’s Kiss

After a fun girls’ night out with her two best friends, Alicia wishes on a fountain that has appeared in the park in their small Minnesota town.  She wishes for a rich man who will treat her like she’s the only woman in the world.
Calor finds the same fountain and wishes on it, over three hundred years later in a world where women have almost all died off.  When a woman falls from the sky and lands at his feet, he knows the fountain is what has brought her to him.
It takes Alicia some time to realize that she’s not only three hundred years in the future, but she’s now in Texas.  She does the only logical thing she can do, and marries the man who found her, hoping together they can help keep the human race alive.  Will she ever be more to him than just the only woman possible?  Or will he love her for who she is?



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