Offered to Frankenstein: The Monster Mash Me Collection Book 1


Offered to Frankenstein, the first book in the Monster Mash Me Collection by Jasmine Rose. This short monster romance story is both romantic and steamy and promises to offer you up your next book boyfriend.

It’s rumored that a horrible monster lives within the dilapidated rubble of Castle Frankenstein. One of intimidating mass and voracious appetite. But when the creature attacks the neighboring village, the townsfolk are left quivering in fear.

To protect the town, the Constable suggests they offer up a sacrifice to sate the cravings of the beast. Who better to splay before the monster than Elsa, the same beauty who has turned down the Constables many advances?
Thrust before the imposing creature, Elsa finds herself drawn to his larger than life… attributes. Can this beauty tame the beast? Or will she lose herself in his throbbing appeal?

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