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Have you met Debra Parmley? Well now’s your chance. Get to know this dynamic author and poet as she sits down to chat with Gliterary Girl Media.

Debra ParmleyBorn in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Springfield, OH,  Debra has lived in the Memphis, TN area since 1997. She attended Marywood University in Scranton, PA and was the first student to win first place in two categories of the Delta Epsilon Sigma Beta Epsilon Chapter writing competition, in creative prose and in informal expository. Her poetry was published in literary journals while attending college.  She holds a BA in English Literature. Debra has traveled extensively and her first short story, published in the anthology More Monsters From Memphis, was a finalist in the Darrell Awards for best Mid-South short story. Her first novel, A Desperate Journey, a western historical romance, was a finalist in the Bobbi Smith Creative Writing Challenge. When not writing, Debra enjoys dancing, primitive archery and medieval reenactment, yoga and traveling. For Debra, writing is about joy. The joy of creation and the joy of connecting with her readers. It is one of her greatest pleasures to hear from her readers.

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Gliterary Girl wanted to get you details

GG:When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Debra: When I was in elementary school I can remember telling my best friend that maybe I would write a book some day.

GG: Were books a big part of your life growing up? If so, what books would you say influenced you most as a child?

Debra: Growing up I was surrounded by books and there was always someone to read to me. Grandparents, parents. I was a lucky child to be read to so much. I have a very worn out copy of Favorite Poems Old And New Selected for boys and girls by Helen Ferris, Doubleday 1957 that my grandmother read to me. There are over five hundred poems in that volume, many of which are story poems. When I was old enough to read, I devoured books. All the Nancy Drew series, Anne of Green Gables, folk tales and fairy tales such as Hans Christian Anderson and Grimms. All influenced me as a child and many more.

GG: What drew you to write a 1920’s romance revolving around Al Capone and his gang visitng Hot Springs, AR?

Debra: It was a visit to Hot Springs several years ago when we stayed in the Arlington Hotel where Al Capone used to stay. He would rent the whole fourth floor. Hot Springs was a town where gangsters would go on vacation, lay their guns down and party while making back room deals. It’s a fascinating slice of 1920’s life and visiting there today you can imagine yourself back in that time because so much has been preserved. You can take the hot baths at the Arlington in the same setting they once did. The story people just came to me out of the blue while enjoying one of those baths, the first time I visited and they waited patiently (or sometimes not so patiently) until I was able to write their story in Trapping the Butterfly.

GG: Of all your characters, who’s your favorite, and why?

Debra: Bethany, from Trapping the Butterfly, is my favorite so far because she is my youngest, seventeen turning eighteen and wanting to spread her wings into the world and to be more independent.

GG:What about your books? Do you have a favorite? What about it do you love?

Debra: Trapping the Butterfly is my favorite of all my published books because it is set in the 1920’s and has flappers and gangsters and the fashions and dances of that time period. It’s a time period I always wanted to write in and Hot Springs AR is a wonderful place to visit and take the hot baths.  It really is like stepping back in time.

GG:Is there anything you’d like to pass on to your readers?

Debra: That I love hearing from them. It means a lot to me when one of my readers takes the time to write me or to write a review or even give a rating to one of my books. There are so many things to spend our time on, I feel honored when a reader shares their valuable time to respond to one of my stories.



Trapping the Butterfly Cover

Bethany is celebrating her eighteenth birthday in Hot Springs. If her aunt and uncle have their way she will return engaged. Her life has been controlled, from the clothes she wears to the food she eats. But she plans to cut off her long hair like other girls and to fly free.

Paul chased butterflies when he was young. Now he chases gangsters. Bethany captures his interest like a butterfly. But two other men have determined to catch her and one is a dangerous gangster. Will she exit her cocoon, find strength and fly free or be trapped? 

Praise For Trapping the Butterfly

[su_quote]Debra Parmley captured the feel and nostalgia of the roaring 20s along with the mystery and thrill of Al Capone and his gang. Her characters are realistic and relatable even for the age. The coming of age love story is sweet and believable. [/su_quote]

[su_quote]I imagined at anytime I would hear the jazz music coming from one of the many dance houses or see a dark windowed car drive slowly down the boulevard and wonder which gangster was headed to Oaklawn to play the ponies.[/su_quote]


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Dangerous TiesLillian Hayes’ fiance, Thomas Shelton, convinced the townsfolk to exchange their gold for his worthless bank notes. After he disappears with the gold, every eye turns to Lillian for answers. Even her cousin Carl insists she knows where the gold is. He is desperate to find it because he is deeply indebted to Kingston, small town criminal and owner of the local saloon. Carl will do anything to clear his debt; even torture Lillian for answers. Nick Brace is driving a herd of horses to town when he stumbles across Lillian, branded, strung up over a mineshaft, and left to die. He saves her, tends to her wounds, and teaches her to shoot to protect herself. But the danger isn’t past. When Nick’s horse-trading deal with Kingston goes bad, Lillian races to be the one to savehim this time.


Praise For Dangerous Ties

[su_quote]Thoroughly enjoyed it!! A great read. I could not put it down. Looking forward to reading the next Debra Parmley book![/su_quote]

[su_quote]I started this book, intending to read it over the course of a long vacation weekend. I got into it, and spent the enitre night reading it all the way through![/su_quote]


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