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USA Today Best-Selling Author Kirsten Osbourne Brings You 

The Brides of Beckham #11:

Mail Order Misfit

Elaine had spent over half of her life walking with a cane and being treated as if she were made of glass. When she sees no other option, she sneaks out and goes to see the owner of the mail order bride agency in Beckham. She picks out a man who seems perfect for her, and travels to Kansas City to be his bride. Colin goes to lunch at the restaurant in town to consider sending off for a mail order bride when he notices a beautiful woman limp into the establishment. During his unashamed eavesdropping, he hears that she’s a mail order bride who is being rejected by the man she’s come to marry. He jumps up immediately and asks the beautiful girl to be his bride. Will they be able to make things work? Or will her insecurities keep them from ever being truly happy?



Kirsten Osbourne hails from the state of Wisconsin, but has lived in Texas for almost thirty years.  She is a mother, a writer, and a wife.  Married to the love of her life for fifteen years, she knows that true love exists and wants to share her vision of love with the world.  Writing is something she has always loved and plans on doing for a long time into the future. As Kirsten Osbourne, she writes contemporary romance as well as historical.  As Morganna Mayfair, she ventures into the realm of paranormal romance.  She invites you to join her in her world of fantasy and make believe where there is always a happily ever after at the end.


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When Maude is told she must marry a repulsive man, she instead responds to an Iowa farmer who is looking for a mail order bride. After sneaking out of town on a train, she goes to Iowa and marries. She quickly falls for the wonderful man she marries, but does he feel the same? And will she be able to escape her past?





Praise For Kirsten Osbourne


[su_quote]”A good heartwarming read”[/su_quote]

[su_quote]”What an interesting book this was, it showed courage beyond belief, I could have pictured my self doing just what this woman did”[/su_quote]


[su_quote]”I have loved all of the Brides of Beckham stories and look forward to even more. They are a pleasure to read clean loving books”[/su_quote] [su_divider]




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