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Meet Author Lauren Marie

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Author Lauren Marie:


LaurenMarie spent years writing and dreaming of being published. After spending many years wanting to write the ultimate thriller and become the next Le’Carre, Clancy, or Turow, she decided to try romance. She admits, with a huge smile, she’s never had so much fun. Lauren lives with her four cats in Western Washington State. When she isn’t pounding the keys, she is an amateur paranormal investigator. She formed her own group in 2006 to hunt ghosts and some unusual experiences have put in an appearance in some of her stories. Lauren is currently working on a contemporary romance called the Canon City Series. [su_divider top=”no”]

Get to Know Lauren Marie:

GGM: When and why did you begin writing?

Lauren Marie: I was about 12 years old. I had a neighbor that lived across the street from my family in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was four years older than me and she was writing stories for her English class in her high school. She wrote a really cool story about an evil black cat and I started to think it could be really fun to make up stories. I started scribbling out short stories at that time and the dream took off from there. Writing has been a bug ever since then.

GGM: Who encouraged you or what made you decide to write a novel and seek publication?

Lauren Marie: I spent many years trying to write the perfect thriller. I spent a lot of time wanting to become the next Le’Carre, Clancy or Turow, I decided to try my hand at paranormal romance. I have to admit I’ve never had so much fun. About seven years ago, I wrote my first story that had been simmering in my brain since the 1980’s. Then there were the two stories that originated from dreams I’d had that have become reality – Going to Another Place and Love’s Touch – Then and Now. I still have a couple of stories that started back in the 1980’s, but I’m trying contemporary romance right now.

GGM: Do we “see” some of you in your characters?

Lauren Marie: Yes, probably. A friend of mine, who has known me for over thirty years said she could hear my voice in the characters. I have some weird sayings that my dad used to say, like “Dog my cats” or “holy smokarolla’s”. I haven’t used those two, but never, say never.

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 Lauren Marie’s Books:

Loves Touch, Then and Now

LTKate Sullivan and Bill Leary have had progressive dreams all their lives. The dreams are about a man and woman who look just like them, but lived in a different time. Lizzie and Connor are married, and on their first honeymoon night, die in a hotel fire. When Kate and Bill meet they have to join forces and compare dreams to find out who set the fire that killed Lizzie and Connor. They also have to determine if the feelings that are developing for each other are really from their hearts or from the couple in the dream.


[su_divider top=”no”]Going to Another Place

Going to anotherplaceA man from 2008, falls 48 floors from a building in Seattle and wakes up in 1815 England. A woman, in 1815 England, watches a bright star fall from the sky. She travels to the future, but can’t stay due to her lack of immunity to the 21st century diseases. Michael Drury and Emma Wallace have fallen in love, but are torn between two worlds. He has family in the 21st century. She wants to stay with him, but continues to grow very ill, very fast. Spanning almost 200 years, will their love be able to exist in the same time?


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