Writing a book is tough work, but promoting it, creating a brand for yourself, and setting up your business acumen is even harder, especially if you haven’t navigated this complicated industry already. Without training you likely won’t even know where marketing your book. Brand positioning, agency query letters, business strategy, reviews, bloggers, media kits, social media connectivity, review copy mailers, press kits, book signings/interviews/guest posts, book tours, blog hops, interviews and cover reveals are just a sample of the ways writers market themselves. How do you handle all of that and continue to write? Simple.

You can’t. But we can and we want to.

Our experienced literary marketing managers will assist you in every stage of your career from aspiring writer needing a whole business and creative strategy to the experienced professional looking to take their work to the next level.


Don't just take our word for it!

  • “From the first moment I met Sara I could tell she knew her stuff. She was honest, realistic, and so down-to-earth I realized I needed exactly what Voir offered: HELP.

    I count myself fortunate indeed that I'm working with Sara and all her staff. I have received the support and guidance needed as a first-time author to make the amazing journey toward publication.”

    Michele Wolfe
    Michele Wolfe YA | New Adult Author
  • "Sara O, quickly assessed my needs and came up with a plan to handle all my social media, which would fit my budget... I have received so much more than expected, not only in the valuable services the team provides which allows me to get back to my writing but in problem solving with compassion and understanding. I know I can trust Sara.... to handle anything that arises and it feels great to have a solid team behind me." ”

    Debra Parmley
    Debra Parmley Best Selling Author
  • "You have been amazingly supportive and inspiring. I trust your judgment and I am looking forward to many more Skype calls until we meet one day under the California Sun or the London rain..."

    Marion Croslydon
    Marion Croslydon Best Selling New Adult Author
  • "I wanted to take this opportunity to say to anyone thinking about signing on with Voir Media Group, no need to hesitate. [Voir] the created a new website for me, which everyone has posted they really like. We're working on my blog. They've scheduled a number of promo events and helped get the word out, in addition to promoting events I've booked separately. Very important to me, I've been consulted and been an active participant in all decisions. The staff is dedicated, creative and easy to deal with. Can't ask for much more!"

    Chris Karlsen
    Chris Karlsen International Best Selling Author
  • "They have provided me with promotion and marketing for the two novels in the Rowan Slone Series, A Life, Redefined and A Life, Forward. The guidance they have provided me has been invaluable and has kept me from making mistakes and taking wrong turns. I appreciate how quickly they have responded to my questions and concerns and how enthusiastically they have worked to promote my novels."

    Tracy Hewitt Meyer
    Tracy Hewitt Meyer Author of A Life Redefined
  • "Sara O'Connor is one of the most knowledgeable and congenial people I've met since coming onto the publishing realm last year...  I quickly realized that not only had I met a diamond in the rough of public relations, but someone who would care for not my novel or a paycheck, but me as a person. In this ever changing, impersonal business, Sara and her independent company are a breath of fresh air..."

    Jennifer Silverwood
    Jennifer Silverwood Author of Silver Hollow
  • I can personally vouch that VMG is pretty damned terrific! Just saying...

    Ned Hickson Author and Syndicated Humor Columnist
  • There are days I struggle with writing. I'm certain every writer does. But then days like today...they turn everything around. Sara O'connor, in a way, brought my creative mind back to life. The day-to-day stresses sometimes get in the way of artistry and I'm not going to lie, lately I've been having a difficult time. But Sara, with her faith and confidence in me and my writing, shed new light on my journey. I'm so blessed with an editor--and friend (you don't get a choice in the matter ;)) who truly cares about the finding my place in our crazy world. I love you, lady. I truly do. Thank you for everything you do. Okay...‪#‎SappyPost‬ over. On with your night...

    Cassie Graham Author of New Adult Romance

Marketing Versus Publicity

Which one is right for you? Well that’s easy because BOTH work hand in hand.  Anyone looking to gain more exposure and gain consumer trust as well as loyalty, must enlist both tools. Here’s how we view it in really simple terms.

Marketing is direct to consumer communication. Getting your book in front of as many readers as possible via socials, ads and marketing campaigns.

Publicity is managing the publics perception of your brand. That includes getting coverage in all ways possible. Interviews, radio, television, blogger reviews are all used to direct a deliberate narrative to the public that will steer their perception and garner brand recognition.



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