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Gliterary Girl wants to introduce you to Author Tracy Hewitt Meyer.  Here’s your chance to get a sneak peak into Tracy’s life.

GlitGirlTracy Hewitt Meyer is a multi-genre, multi-published author of new adult fiction as well as adult paranormal and contemporary romance. She has a B.A. in English and a Master of Social Work, both of which feed her true passion-her love of writing. Born and raised in the beautiful state of West Virginia, Tracy now lives in the mid-east with her family, a golden-doodle, and a bearded dragon.

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GG: Welcome to Gliterary Girl, Tracy, and thanks for sitting down and chatting with us.  We are excited for our readers to get to know you better! First question, When and why did you begin writing?

Tracy: My mom sold my childhood home recently and as I was cleaning out my things, I found stories that I’d written as far back as elementary school. I didn’t realize how much writing spoke to me, though, until I was in an AP English class in high school. I wrote two short stories that year and something in me changed. I have always been passionate about reading. After that year, I became passionate about writing.

In college, I majored in English and took as many creative writing classes as I could. I was not a good writer at that point. I didn’t understand the mechanics of taking a story from a good idea to a flushed-out readable piece of prose. But there was one short story I wrote where I pushed the limits of my ideas until the story tinkered on the brink of being outrageous. It was the one story that received the most positive comments of any I had written. That was a true learning experience.

After graduation, I dappled in writing here and there but it wasn’t until years later that I decided, It’s now or never. So I made it now.

GG:  Who encouraged you or what made you decide to write a novel and seek publication?

Tracy: I tried a novel-writing class in college and found it extremely difficult. Short stories came much more naturally to me. But one day over a holiday weekend, I popped into a used bookstore and left with an armful of treasures (aka romance novels!). I started reading that night and thought, Well, I can do that. So, I joined Romance Writers of America, started attending workshops, and began to read books as a writer rather than just as a reader. I wrote an historical romance novel and then there was no turning back, even though there have been times when I thought this business was just too difficult and quitting would have been an easy answer.

GG:  Do we “see” some of you in your characters?

Tracy: I’m not sure how honest to be in this answer! Yes, there can be bits of me in the characters I create. But my characters are more of a culmination of  pieces of several different people-be they friends, acquaintances, the girl at the coffee shop, a character on television, or even someone from a dream. I take the bits and pieces from a wide range of people and put them together to create a character. The character has to speak to me, though, regardless of how I created them. I have to hear their voice or I can’t write their story.

GG:  Tell us a little about the community you’re building through your blog and social media.

Tracy: I write across genres so I don’t have a focus for my blog or social media. I try to share writing tips and suggestions, accolades and hurts, tidbits of my personal life that are either heart-warming or snarky and funny (usually the latter). I find people relate to personal stories more than me sharing a good review and I like that. I like communicating with people on a more personal level.

GG:  Where do you go when you need to recharge?

Tracy: I need to be alone to recharge, something I am not very often. If it were up to me, I’d call a time-out and step away from life for a day (or two). But I don’t have that luxury. Who does? So I recharge with baths, books and trips to the library where I can be surrounded by silence. I do love silence. One guilty pleasure I have is to grab take-out sushi and turn on a rerun of The Tudors while the kids are in school. It’s a perfect way to recharge during the afternoon. [su_divider top=”no”]


A Life, Redefined

Seven years ago, an innocent act by Rowan Slone turned her life into a nightmare. Since the age of ten she’s lived with the burden of her baby brother’s death. Now she is seventeen and all she wants to do is graduate high school, go to college, and escape the loveless family she has endured all these years—the same family that holds her responsible for his death. But no one holds her responsible more than herself. When long-time crush Mike Anderson invites her to the Prom, suddenly her future looks brighter. Rowan’s younger sister, Trina, however, is determined to ruin her new-found happiness, no matter the cost. And when Rowan discovers her mother’s long-held secret, she finds herself teetering on the edge of an abyss. Can Rowan find the strength to move toward the future or is she doomed to dwell in the past?

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 Upcoming sequel in the Rowan Slone Novels, A Life, Forward, will be released on April 7th.

A Life, Forward

Her father is gone. Her mother is in jail. And Rowan Slone has left her dysfunctional, violent past behind. With college looming on the horizon, she has a new job that she loves, and a safe place to call home. She is close to achieving everything she ever wanted-a sense of family, a sense of purpose, and a sense of self.

But there are cracks in Rowan’s life that threaten to send her future crumbling to the ground. When her relationship begins to suffer, her father returns and her long-held secret is discovered, Rowan must find the courage to fight for the most important thing yet-herself.

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