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_DSC2310This weekend Gliterary Girl Media attended the West Coast Writers Conference and met with some amazing authors, many of whom we hope to be introducing to everyone soon. As a tribute to this wonderful event – I encourage you to check out the website because they hold them often – we are giving away some GGM client goodies. Why? Because we love you and love promoting our authors, but mostly because we gave away a prize pack to one of the attendees and we thought, what better way to bring this event and our clients to the readers than to hold an online raffle as well!

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So in this prize pack, you will receive:


1 tank top from author Stacey Rourke

1 Book Bag from Gliterary Girl Media

1 Hard Copy of Kiss Me In Paris by Karpov Kinrade

1 Hard Copy of His Wounded Heart by RL Syme

1 Hard Copy of Affair of Convenience

A bunch of swag (not all of it is pictured above) and some codes to download more free books…

So sign up today and win! Also, don’t forget to add all of these wonderful authors to your “To Read” list on Goodreads.


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