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What a way to kick off the convention season.

BEA/ BookCon 2014 was amazing! Couldn’t make it to NYC for the festivities? No worries, I’ve got all the details PLUS two chances to win some BEA/BookCon goodies of your own.

photo 2 copyAuthor Rasha Selim and I hit the road to meet some great authors and amazing readers with HUGE expectations. We were not disappointed. First of all, what a location, New York City is the greatest city on earth (although I might be a little biased). There’s not much I can say about it that hasn’t been said already but it really does seem to have a life-force of its own. As we headed towards Manhattan, just as soon as the grandiose George Washington Bridge came into view I couldn’t sit still. Fidgeting and bouncing in my seat as the epicness that is New York City filled me. Between that and the iconic New York City skyline (even though I experience a moment of sadness every time I see it), one can’t help but be in awe. None of that can compare to the moment your feet hit the pavement and you suck in that first gritty breath and engage in the movement of the fastest city in the world.

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Entrance to the Show Floor

Entrance to the Show Floor

The Javits Center (I’d never been there before) is definitely in the right place. Incredible architecture set in an incredible city. It was amazing to see it decked out in all things bookish ! Giant banners of beloved authors, new releases and of course, upcoming page to screen adaptions.     Once the doors opened to BookCon it was crush or be crushed to get in line to meet your favorite authors, but in a civilized “library” way rather than a “black Friday sale at Wal-Mart” kind ofway. Then we hit the tables and it was even better. I’m convinced that book fans are the best fans! The lines were long but it didn’t matter, where else, other than a book convention can you find people happily waiting in line all because they’ve gotten something new to read. And new reads there were a plenty! All of the authors were fantastic to talk to. Willing to share their experiences, their hardships, their victories and even their fans with other authors as well as readers.

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So … the highlight reel:

photo 1 copy 2One of the very best parts was seeing so many young readers. It’s great to see how the upsurge of the YA genre has encouraged kids to open books. The talented John Green was present over the weekend and everywhere you looked, from middle grade kids to adults you could see The Fault in Our Stars t-shirts. Also present was the young and very talented Ms. Veronica Roth, whose contribution to young readers was clearly evident. Divergent is HUGE and the showing of support for her was incredible. To top it all off, even Stan Lee, who we all know and love, has ventured into the world of children’s books and came to BEA/BookCon with those, not his comics, in mind.

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photo 3And Jeanine Frost, what an amazing woman, I loved meeting her. Her books are so beloved that almost every reader in her line had traveled with their own copy of one of her many books to have signed.Next up was chatting with the self-pubbed authors. I was very pleased to see so many of them there. They ’re all so great and I can’t wait to get to know them and their work better. It was even nicer to see the love readers were paying them.

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IMG_0104photo 4Meeting Grumpy Cat. So here’s the thing,  it was the best line we stood in all day. Everyone was super chatty and we met some great people. While we were in the Grumpy Cat line I did receive a reality check though. Right next to us there was a meet and greet with some apparently very famous extremely young YouTube celebrities. Though I had no idea who they were (sorry all) the energy that they, and the kids that swarmed them had, was infectious. It really was a good time.

IMG_0105 IMG_0105IMG_0104IMG_0104

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photo 2Things I wasn’t happy with: There aren’t many and actually, I’ve heard some rumors that they’re already planning on changing things up for next year to make things a little less, crazy. The first issue, The “map”. Yes they had one and yes it was featured online but it was poorly executed (not interactive at all), which made it hard to maneuverer. Second issue, the lines. We all expect them and I even enjoyed some of them. And though they moved quickly they were often hard to find which consequently made readers miss events they’d been looking forward to. Lastly, ticketed signings. They had some but only for some. The fact that not all of them were ended up in a lot of disappointment for some fans, people waited a long time only to then be turned away because an author was out of books.   Overall it was great fun and I hope to see all of you there next year.

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Were you not able to attend BEA/BookCon and want to check out some of the great books and swag that were offered?

Now is your chance.

We have TWO BEA/BookCon Prize packs:

The GRAND PRIZE includes 3books, a tote bag, and loads of swag.

TheSECOND PRIZE includes 4books and loads of swag.

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